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Cellular responses to DNA damage: from mechanistic insights

Seminars   cancer   crispr   lecture   seminar  

Babraham Lecture - Ras proteins as therapeutic targets

Seminars   cancer   lecture   seminar   signalling  

Dissecting mutation patterns in human stem cells to study pr

Seminars   cancer   lymphocyte signalling   stem cells  

RNA modifications as regulators of stem cell function

Seminars   cancer   diseases   nuclear dynamics   pathology   rna modifications  

LARP1 a post-transcriptional driver of cancer gene expressio

Seminars   cancer   seminar  

SMUG1 - A Classical DNA Glycosylase And An RNA Processing En

Seminars   ageing   cancer   epigenetics   seminar  

Live cell biochemistry by light

Seminars   cancer   cells   seminar  

Post-transcriptional regulation dictates T cell functionalit

Seminars   cancer   cell therapy   disease   health   seminar  

Mechanosensitive regulation of cancer epigenetics and plurip

Seminars   cancer   gene expression   signalling