GIMAP5 and cell survival - questions and more questions

Mature T lymphocytes undergo spontaneous death in the biobreeding diabetes-prone strain of rats due to the loss of functional GIMAP5 (GTPase of the immune associated nucleotide binding protein 5) protein. In mice GIMPA5 deficiency compromises the survival capacity of hematopoietic stem cells and mature lymphocytes. The detailed mechanisms underlying the pro-survival function of GIMAP5 is not known. We have previously shown that GIMAP5 deficiency impairs TCR-induced calcium influx. We have also shown that this reduced calcium influx is associated with the inability of mitochondria to sequester calcium in a microtubule dependent manner. The possible mechanisms involved in the regulation of cellular calcium response will be discussed.

If you would like to met with Dr Ramanathan during her visit, please contact the host Dr Klaus Okkenhaug directly.

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Dr Klaus Okkenhaug
Brian Heap Room