The Ageing Cell Conference 2017

The Ageing Cell Conference 2017


The Babraham Institute is pleased to announce its 2017 conference The Ageing Cell. Taking place on the 27-28 March, the programme will feature talks from world-leading researchers, under the themes of ageing, stem cells, the immune system, signalling and epigenetics.  Abstract submissions will also be welcomed from early-career and established scientists from academia and industry with opportunities for short talks and posters.

The confirmed speakers for the conference are as follows:

David Gems
David Sabatini
Linda Partridge
Karl Lenhard Rudolph
Margaret Goodell
Victoria Lunyak
Emmanuelle Passegué
Anne Corcoran
Jörg Goronzy
Arne Akbar
Michelle Linterman
Bonnie Blomberg
Joan Mannick
Gordon Lithgow
Stephen Shuttleworth
Janet Lord
Nick Ktistakis
Steve Horvath
Olivia Casanueva
Jesus Gil
Adam Antebi

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Tacita Nye
Babraham Research Campus