Targetting Tribbles 2 pseudokinase with drugs

Pat is Reader in Chemical Biology in the Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool, where he runs a multidisciplinary cell signalling lab. His interests include all aspects of protein phosphorylation and the analysis of kinase regulation, human pseudokinases and pseudophosphatases, and kinome-wide mechanisms of acquired drug resistance in cancer cells. He teaches medical, level 2 and 3 cell signalling courses at the University.
 Career research highlights:
 1) Co-discovery of the protein kinase 'gatekeeper' residue in Ser/Thr kinases (1998)
 2) First description of paradoxical activation of RAF kinases by RAF inhibitors (1999)
 3) Discovery of TPX2 as a physiological activator of Aurora A (2003)
 4) Rate-limiting roles for PKA and TPX2 in Xenopus cell cycles (2005, 2008)
 5) First crystal structures of Mps1, a key phospho-regulator of the spindle assembly checkpoint (2008)
 6) Drug-resistant alleles of Aurora A and Polo-like kinases (2010)
 7) Identification of Aurora A as a potential therapeutic target in small cell lung cancer (2011)
 8) New technology and models for analysis of protein pseudokinases (2014)
 9) Intact PKA holoenzyme complex and cAMP analysis (2016)
 10) KInome analysis of drug responses in breast and uveal cancer models (2017)

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