A new connection between the centrosome and autophagy

Justin Joachim, Minoo Razi, Martina Wirth, Harold Jefferies, Sharon A. Tooze
The Francis Crick Institute, London UK

Autophagosome formation is a complex process that requires a cohort of proteins acting in a coordinated manner. This core machinery drives the formation of the phagophore, the nascent autophagsome membrane, from the ER. Recruitment of the Atg8 family members including the LC3 family and GABARAPs is one of the final steps and mediates phagophore closure to form an autophagosome. Recruitment of the LC3 and GABARAPs is also required for cargo recruitment into the autophagosome during selective autophagy such as mitophagy. In addition to the core machinery many proteins can regulate autophagosomes formation. Recently, a new regulator WAC was shown to mediate trafficking of GABARAP from the Golgi to the centrosome (Joachim et al., 2015). GABARAP transport from the centrosome to forming autophagosomes was shown to occur during starvation-induced autophagosome biogenesis. To further understand the role of the centrosomal pool of GABARAP we investigated how centrosomal proteins contribute to GABARAP recruitment and regulation at the centrosome. Our results uncover a new level of regulation governing the function of  a pool of GABARAP trafficking from the centrosome.

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