Complex multi-enhancer contacts captured in ES cells by Genome Architecture Mapping (GAM)

As part of our ongoing relationship with the EU Life Alliance, the Babraham Institute are proud to welcome Prof Ana Pombo from the Berlin Institute for Medical Systems Biology, Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC).

The organization of the genome in the nucleus and the interactions of genes with their regulatory elements are key features of transcriptional control and their disruption causes disease. Technologies based on chromosome conformation capture (3C) have profoundly expanded our understanding of the role of genome architecture in gene regulation. We introduce Genome Architecture Mapping (GAM), a novel genome-wide method for measuring three-dimensional chromatin topology. GAM extracts spatial information by sequencing DNA from a large collection of thin nuclear sections and quantifying the frequency of locus co-segregation. We apply GAM to mouse embryonic stem cells and show that it independently identifies topologically associating domains (TADs) and compartments A/B. Exploration of the most prominent chromatin contacts using GAM identifies specific chromatin contacts enriched for interactions between active genes and enhancers across very large genomic distances. GAM also reveals abundant three-way contacts genome-wide, especially between the enhancers most highly occupied by pluripotency transcription factors and highly transcribed genomic regions. Our results highlight a previously inaccessible complexity in genome architecture and a major role for gene-expression specific contacts in organizing genome architecture of mammalian nuclei.
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EU-LIFE is an alliance of European life science research centers that have joined forces to support, collaborate and strengthen scientific research in Europe, working together to achieve advancement and further understanding in Life Sciences.

The growing consortium currently consists of 13 partner Institutes and over 7,000 scientific staff with the Babraham Institute, currently the only UK representative, joining in 2013.

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