CD4 T cell help for humoral immunity in transplantation

In clinical transplantation the development of class-switched humoral immunity directed against either donor alloantigen or autoantigen is increasingly associated with early allograft failure. MHC alloantigen is a classical T-dependent antigen, and our work has focused on how CD4 T cell help is provided for generating destructive antibody responses directed against transplant antigen. In this seminar, I will provide an overview of our recent studies of murine transplant models, which have revealed novel aspects of the cognate interaction between CD4 T cells and B cells. Our findings suggest that the concept of ‘linked’ help is not as robust as previously proposed, that different helper T cell populations may be responsible for maintaining germinal centre responses than for their initiation, and that ‘peptide-degenerate’ recognition of MHC class II complexes on the B cell surface triggers global activation of all B cells. I’m therefore hopeful that our findings will be of interest to non-transplant B cell immunologists and generate productive discussion.
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Dr Martin Turner
The Brian Heap Seminar Room