large-scale integration of multiple environmental signals by human immune cells

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the EU Life alliance, the Babraham Institute are proud to host Dr Vassili Soumelis from the Institut Curie, France. Dr Soumelis will be onsite to meet staff and present a Seminar at 13:00hrs in the Brian Heeap Seminar room.
"large-scale integration of multiple environmental signals by human immune cells: a systems biology approach"
Cells constantly integrate multiple signals in order in order to adapt to their microenvironment. This is particularly important for immune cells, when signals to be integrated are related to a pathogenic threat or to a chronic inflammatory reaction. Such a cellular adaptation is mediated through various biological pathways related to the multiple functions of the cell. This defines the cell as a "multiple input/multiple output" system, which harbors several layers of complexity. We have developed over the years a systems biology framework in order to systematically dissect the effect of combined signals on a diversity of cellular outputs. We have applied this framework to human dendritic cells and T cells, and could establish the concepts of combinatorial flexibility, as well as multimodality in signal integration. Our theoretical and methodological framework can be applied to any cell integrating a combination of physiopathological or pharmacological stimuli.

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EU-LIFE is an alliance of European life science research centers that have joined forces to support, collaborate and strengthen scientific research in Europe, working together to achieve advancement and further understanding in Life Sciences.

The growing consortium currently consists of 13 partner Institutes and over 7,000 scientific staff with the Babraham Institute, currently the only UK representative, joining in 2013.

As part of the collaboration, the Babraham Institute are now proud to host a series of lectures to highlight and support the latest research from fellow members.

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Dr Nicolas Le Novère
The Brian Heap Seminar Room