Life Lab - discovery on your doorstep

Life Lab - discovery on your doorstep

LifeLab brings the latest discoveries and technologies right to your doorstep. On 28th & 29th September 2018, we’ll be taking over public spaces around Cambridge and Peterborough to bring you an exciting programme of events, games and activities that will give you a new view on the amazing world around you. We’re fascinated by life and living things and we’re always finding out new things that could help to change farming and healthcare, fitness and the environment. 

We’ve got something for everyone so visit the Life Lab website to find out how you can get involved.

From 17th September we’ll be visiting schools in North Cambridgeshire and parts of Norfolk with LifeLab For Schools to inspire school children throughout the region to make discoveries about the living world.

​LifeLab is part of the European Researcher’s Night, which brings science and society together across Europe. Our programme will show you all the ways that your everyday life is backed by science and share some of the many career paths that mean anyone can be a part of scientific discovery.

​​​Not in Cambridgeshire for LifeLab? There are over 50 other events taking place across Europe!

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Esther van Vliet
Peterborough & Cambridge