The influence of awareness and personal change on reducing the gender gap in science

It is widely acknowledged that leadership, decision making and creative thinking are enhanced by diversity. Therefore, it is in all our interests to maintain diversity at all levels in academia. The most prominent example of a failure of diversity is the gender gap in science. What can each of us personally do to help reduce this gap in the world of scientific research? How do we deal with bias, conscious as well as unconscious, self confidence, impostor syndrome, guilt feelings, personality traits, ...? These are among the issues that I address in working with female (and male) scientists. I would like to share my experiences from these interactions and observations and I am looking forward to discuss these topics interactively with scientists at Babraham.

About the speaker

Hilde Janssens obtained a masters degree in biology and a teaching diploma at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). She then moved to BaselĀ (Switzerland) to do a PhD in cell biology and developmental genetics in the laboratory of Prof. Walter Gehring. During her five years as postdoctoral research fellow at Stony Brook University (NY, USA) she accumulated a competitive publication record in the fields of developmental genetics and mathematical modelling of biological systems. At the same time, she taught molecular biology to high school teachers in the context of a professional training program provided by the university in Stony Brook.

For the following three years, she worked as a computer officer at a database for comparative genomics at the Department of Genetics of the University of Cambridge (UK). During this time, she gave numerous international workshops and training sessions. In 2008 she went back into research as a laboratory manager at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG) in Barcelona (Spain), where she also become involved in giving workshops and lectures to PhD and postdoctoral students about science communication, presentation and interviewing skills.

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Dr Clara Novo
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