GENiE Workshop - C.elegans consensus metabolic reconstruction

GENiE Workshop - C.elegans consensus metabolic reconstruction

Of the five attributes that define life - motility, growth, excitability, reproduction and metabolism - metabolism is the most essential since it supplies the energy and substances needed for all the others. Although studied for centuries, our knowledge of metabolism is still incomplete. A premier model organism for the study of metabolism is the small roundworm Caenorhabditis elegans, which facilitates studying the relationship between nutrition, gene expression, metabolism and phenotypic traits.

The objective of this workshop is to determine the current state in C. elegans metabolism research and how different metabolic reconstructions, published and non-published, can be integrated in a community-driven effort leading to a comprehensive consensus C. elegans metabolic reconstruction. Within the workshop, researchers from both 'wet-lab' and 'dry-lab' contexts will exchange knowledge and experiences, sharing insights into how different types of data can be integrated using metabolic reconstructions.

The first day of the workshop will include sessions during which participants are encouraged to present their current work on C.elegans metabolism, metabolic reconstruction or metabolomics. Abstract submissions are welcomed from all career levels. The full programme for the workshop can be found here.

This workshop is open to all researchers with an interest in C. elegans metabolism and is not limited to GENiE consortium members.  


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Janna Hastings
Babraham Institute