EU Life Lecture - Rembrandt: Remodelling the brain in intellectual disability

The main research interest in my laboratory is to decipher brain mechanisms sub serving learning and memory, and how they are altered in cognitive pathology. We aim at understanding how the neuronal architecture and connectivity constrain the mesoscopic network activity and influences the flow and storage of information in neuronal circuits in cognitive-related disorders. We use behavioural, molecular and structural techniques in genetically modified model organisms to interrogate basic principles of intellectual disability. Also, we obtain structural experimental data from cleared brains which constrain computational modelling and analysis tools to explore the neuronal circuit topologies to understand the organizational principles of mammalian neuronal networks. Finally, we are interested in applying all this knowledge to develop new therapeutic tools targeting neural plasticity which rewire molecular networks, including epigenomic state, to recover impaired structural and functional features in cognitive pathology.

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Jemeen Sreedharan
The Brain Heap Seminar Room