Bioscience Lites - Bioinformatics & Coding

Bioscience Lites - Bioinformatics & Coding

Don’t miss out – our next Bioscience Lite session is on Wednesday 10th October at the Babraham Institute. The theme is Bioinformatics and Coding, with presentations by the Simon Andrews, Head of the Institute’s Bioinformatics Facility and PhD student Charlene Fabian from Peter Rugg-Gunn’s Research Group in our Epigenetics research programme.
Simon will describe how his facility supports researchers from the Institute in data analysis and analytical techniques. He manages a team who provide training in statistics and coding and maintains a suite of open access software. Simon has hosted students during our annual Schools Day as well as several Nuffield placement students, and is currently developing a Raspberry Pi workshop for a local secondary school.
Charlene will explain how she uses bioinformatics as part of her research into the role of epigenetic processes in the specification of pancreatic cells from human pluripotent stem cells.
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Bioscience LITE is a series of free twilight teacher training events hosted by the Wellcome Genome Campus and the Babraham Institute to explore some of the big topics in bioscience. These sessions will provide you with updates from scientists on contemporary bioscience, access to some of our scientific facilities and introduce you to resources that can be used in the classroom.

Other sessions in the series:

5th December 17:30 - 20:00 The genetics of complex diseases, Wellcome Genome Campus
Find out how advances in DNA sequencing technology is being used to identify new variants associated with human disease. This session includes scientist presentation, Q and A, resource discussion and a tour of the Wellcome Genome Campus sequencing facilities.

30th January 2019 17:30 - 20:00 Imaging, electron microscopy and autophagy, Babraham Institute
Discover the wonders of imaging with our new scanning electron microscope, and learn how it's enabling researchers in our Signalling Programme to visualise the complex processes underlying autophagy.

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