The IL-17 pathway and anti-fungal immunity towards Candida: from cytokines to cells

The commensal fungus Candida albicans can cause a broad spectrum of disease, ranging from superficial mucosal infections, such as oral candidiasis, to life-threatening invasive candidiasis. Immunity towards C. albicans infection is largely dependent on the IL-17 pathway. In this regard, mutations in humans that cause susceptibility to chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis nearly all impact the IL-17 pathway (e.g. DECTIN1, IL17RA, ACT1). However, the individual cytokines and specific cell populations required for host defence against Candida are not fully understood. This talk will discuss the role of the IL-17 family cytokines and innate cell populations in protective immunity towards Candida infection.

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Dr Marc Veldhoen
The Brian Heap Seminar Room