19th March: Pop-up Escape Room @Cambridge Science Festival

19th March: Pop-up Escape Room @Cambridge Science Festival

Your body’s cells are threatened; can you help them to get the message through and activate a counter attack? Experience how cells communicate by recreating a signalling pathway. Explore how these pathways regulate a cell's actions and reactions. Enter the Babraham Institute’s pop-up escape room, master laboratory techniques and solve scientific puzzles to untangle the mysteries to help your cells survive.

This event has limited places and you will need to prebook a 45-minute time slot. Slots are for groups of 5-6 people (max) and cost £15 per group. Only one person in the group needs to make the booking. Bookings open on the 11th of February at 11am and will close once all spaces have been filled. If you are unable to get a place you can contact us to be kept informed about future opportunities to take the escape room challenge. 

This event forms part of the Cambridge Science Festival, a mostly free, two-week celebration of science in and around Cambridge.

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Mike Hinton/ Giulia Poerio