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14th March: Genome Editing Workshop aimed at students aged 11-16 @Cambridge Science Festival

Emerging technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing are revolutionising the way we can edit our genetic information “a la carte”. This interactive workshop, aimed at students aged 11-16, will explore the ethical considerations of the use of genome editing techniques for research focused on how our bodies age. The activity relates to the ORION project on open science. 

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This event forms part of the Cambridge Science Festival, a mostly free, two-week celebration of science in and around Cambridge. Discover the complete Festival Programme including hundreds more events for people of all backgrounds and ages.

Event Time & Dates

Starts11:00 am - 14/03/2019
Ends02:00 pm - 14/03/2019

Event Details

Contact Emma Martinez
LocationBabraham Institute


17 January, 2019