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Immune Army backdrop

Immune Army: Weapons of Microscopic Destruction exhibit at Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

The Babraham Institute's immune army and a host of enthusiastic researchers are reporting for duty this week at the prestigious annual Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London which showcases the best of UK science.
The Babraham Institute's Immune Army: Weapons of Microscopic Destruction exhibit brings the Institute's immune research to life. The team and exhibit will be explaining how your immune system keeps you safe from attack and what the latest research tells us about how the immune system changes as we age. The research has important implications for potential treatments for people with immune deficiencies and in helping to counter the decline in immune fitness seen as we age.
Dr Martin Turner, Head of the Institute’s immunology research programme said: “The Immune Army exhibit presents the latest in the Institute’s research on how the immune system works. It’s a hugely complex field but the researchers and the Public Engagement team at the Babraham Institute have done a fantastic job in making it accessible, engaging and thought provoking.”
Linden Fradet, Head of Public Engagement at the Babraham Institute said: “We are particularly proud of our Immune Army exhibit. Not only does it convey key messages about the importance of understanding basic human biology but it also highlights the collaborations involved in scientific discoveries. This exhibit showcases just a snapshot of the vast amount of research that is carried out here. We would like to encourage all visitors, young and old, to meet our scientists and come and get involved.”
Visitors to the exhibit will be able to use magnetic antibodies to combat infections in our life-sized characters Rudy and Grandma, compete in our antibody building game and follow our research from ideas to innovation.
People not able to attend the exhibition can still get a taste of what's on offer by way to a visit to the immune army website. The website includes a short video presenting the immune system army and an explanation of how research at the Babraham Institute is generating knowledge leading to potential new therapies and strategies to boost the declining immune system in the elderly.
The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition takes places from Tuesday 30th June to Sunday 5th July at the Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG. The event is free and open to the public. 


29 June, 2015