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Over 80% of the Institute’s research groups collaborate with industrial organisations to further scientific research for mutual benefit. Collaborative projects range from those studying a specific topic for a few months, to wide-ranging strategic relationships lasting a number of years. Many collaborative projects involve training a PhD student, under the CASE award scheme.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Babraham Institute, check out our main areas of research and see below for how to get in touch.

Acquired resistance to MEK1/2 Inhibitors

A growing problem in treating tumours is their ability to develop resistance to new chemotherapeutic drugs, causing disease relapse. A breakthrough made by Dr Simon Cook at Babraham, in collaboration with scientists at AstraZeneca and the MRC Cancer Cell Unit in Cambridge, has been the discovery of how tumour cells can acquire resistance to an anti-cancer drug (AZD6244).

The research provided new insight into a protein pathway that normally controls cell division (the BRAF-MEK-ERK pathway), and greater understanding of tumour cells’ versatility to overcome therapies targeting this pathway.

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Since the late 1980s, Babraham scientists have made significant contributions to our knowledge of a class of enzymes called the PI3-kinases, and to the analytical methods required to study them. Mutations in PI3-kinases have been shown to have roles in cancer, inflammation and immunodeficiency.

Researchers from Babraham now collaborate with, and provide consultancy services to, pharmaceutical companies and clinicians interested in developing drugs to treat cancers and other diseases caused by mutations in the PI3-kinase pathway.

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