Life Sciences Research for Lifelong Health

Panel duscussion at 2014 6th Form Conference

Our strategy for 6th formers, as with other school audiences, is to get the message across that science is for all students not just high-achievers, though we have responded to requests to deliver events for Gifted & Talented students.

All our events provide opportunities to interact with research scientists to learn about our research and its relevance to lifelong health and to consider the socio-ethical consequences, how research is commercialised and career guidance.

One of the components for which we receive most requests (and best feedback) is the opportunity to work alongside our scientists and gain experience of what life in a laboratory is really like. At our annual Schools' Day we offer over 100 sixth-form students the chance to take part in lab-based projects.

The opportunity to discuss careers with role models was found particularly useful by participants and students recently commented, “I now know about the different jobs you can get from a degree in science” and “I was surprised how young and sociable scientists were and I was pleased to get information about careers”.

The Babraham Institute is one of the sponsors of the University Technical College in Cambridge and Dr Simon Rudge, a senior research scientist at the Babraham Institute has developed a six-week Protein Challenge Project for their A Level and BTec students.