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Public Dialogue Exercise

Public dialogue exercise to inform the development of the Babraham Institute’s science and public engagement strategies for 2017-2022.
This summer the Babraham Institute is engaging in a series of public dialogue workshops on the topic of its future research and public engagement strategies.  Working with dialogue specialists Ipsos MORI, Babraham researchers will be on-hand to explain their work and to listen to the public's views on the key issues facing the bioscience community today.  The project is co-funded by the BBSRC and ERC Sciencewise.
A researchers day was held at Babraham in June to identify potential discussion themes and to consider the key aim of the project: “How can BI’s fundamental bioscience help people lead long and healthy lives?”.  Suggestions for discussion included “What should the aims of research into ageing be? Whose views should BI take into account when deciding strategy? And what is the role of fundamental bioscience in society?  An Advisory Group meeting followed later to further enhance the process and guide the question setting exercise (details can be found in the minutes attached).
The initial public workshops were held in July in Birmingham and Cambridge and a reconvened session was run in Cambridge later in September.  Updates and results will be posted on this website (see links) and results will be presented back to policy makers in October.   This exercise will form part of BI’s commitment to the Excellence with Impact competition.  For further information please contact
The Babraham Institute has a strong programme and history of science communication and outreach.  It has demonstrable metrics in terms of its public engagement activities, annual events and commitments to local schools and communities.  Researchers at Babraham are involved on a number of levels and do so with enthusiasm and flair.   Through the Public Dialogue exercise, the Institute is looking to develop mechanisms that provide two-way dialogue with civil society and other stakeholder groups. The aim is to gain insight and understanding from these groups in order to inform and influence both scientific and public engagement strategies.

This dialogue is being led the Director of the Institute and the Executive Management Team including the individual Institute Strategic Programme Lead scientists. Strategic funder, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and Sciencewise are co-funders in the process and will sit on the Advisory Group.

Further also details can be found on the Sciencewise website.