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The Babraham Institute is a member of EU-LIFE, an alliance of 13 top European research centres in life sciences to foster excellence in research, share knowledge and influence policy. Partners in the alliance are renowned research centres that operate with similar principles of excellence, external reviews, independence, competitiveness and internationality. During difficult economic times and within a highly competitive research landscape, EU-LIFE alliance believe it can join forces to better address complex questions, thereby contributing to pushing European science forward.

The EU-LIFE mission is to foster excellence, share knowledge and influence research policy in life sciences. To achieve this members have formed working groups in the areas of Grants, Science Communication, Translational Research, Technology Transfer, Training, Information Technology and Indicators of Excellence (Strategy), to share best practice, benefit from each other’s expertise in these domains and to collaborate on Europe-wide projects. These working groups have representatives from each Institution and meet regularly to take advantage of all upcoming opportunities. Additionally, scientific members organise an annual scientific conference for academic members, external clinical and industrial collaborators/partners.  The EU-LIFE alliance also provides a collective voice to advocate excellence and equality in life science research, through contribution to EU and International policy documents.  

Partners of EU-LIFE

What's Involved

  • All Babraham Group Leaders are now listed on the EU-LIFE website – The aim is to promote scientific excellence across Europe and provides opportunities for all – group leaders, post-docs, students and research support staff.
  • As a ready-made network of excellent scientists and facilities throughout Europe – our scientists are able to use this resource to identify future partners for collaborative projects.
  • Sharing speakers and knowledge - EU-LIFE seminars are run in all institutes.  All partners are encouraged to invite young group leaders to speak at other EU-LIFE institutes.  Additionally, BI invites speakers to Babraham. A list of speakers (including BI's) can be found/selected from the EU-LIFE listings
  • Advertising jobs – A key priority for EU-LIFE is to retain talented young scientists within the network therefore all institutes share their job vacancies and opportunities for talented researchers.  Vacancies at EU-LIFE institutes can be found here. This is particularly aimed at Post-docs and PhD Students.
  • Applying for grant funding - 10 of the 13 institutes are partners on the application to Horizon 2020 – LIBRA: Leading Innovative measures to reach gender Balance in Research Activities  that, if funded, will result in the implementation of gender equality plans in those institutes. The Community Working Group are considering a Joint Proposal for Horizon 2020 funding on “Innovative ways to make science education and scientific careers attractive to young people”.    
  • PhD and Post-doc Networks – Babraham is represented within both of these groups that aim to share the challenges of being an early career scientist and learn from others across Europe.

Further Information

For further information please visit the EU-LIFE page. Or should you want to find out more, please direct any enquiries to Cheryl Smythe, the Institute’s EU-LIFE Coordinator. Contact: Cheryl Smythe:


Research Impact

13 Partner Institutions

7,259 Scientists and support personnel

568 Group Leaders

2,850 Publications

21 Running co-ordinated EU projects