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Babraham Molecular Explorers

2015 Cambridge Science Festival

Autophagy gameScientists at the Babraham Institute are trying to answer some tough questions about how our bodies work and how they change as we age.  Our public exhibit and on-line resources encourage you join them in their never-ending quest for knowledge.

As part of the exhibit, our new online Autophagy game gives you a chance to discover more about how this important process allows cells to stay healthy and to live longer.
Molecular Explorer headerThe Babraham Institute Molecular Explorer Laboratory Notebook gives visitors information about experiments carried out at the Institute.  By downloading your own pages, you will also find out about light-based technologies such as microscopy and flow cytometry as well as learning more about cells in your body; including axons (nerve cells), stem cells and white blood cells (immune cells).  

It doesn't stop there.  In this Lab Notebook, our researchers explain how DNA is packaged in your body and how this can have an influence on your health and susceptibility to disease.

You can also find out about how the body recycles and how it transports what it needs to survive.

The pages of your Laboratory Notebook can be downloaded here.  Hard copies are available by contacting the Public Engagement team.


Lab One

Lab book page 1

Lab Two

Lab book page 2

Lab Three

Lab book page 3

Lab Four

Lab book page 4

Lab Five

Lab book page 5

Lab Six

Lab book page 6/a>

Cover and Index pages

Lab book cover

Babraham Institute launched 'Molecular Explorers' at the Cambridge Science Festival in 2015.  The full pop-up laboratory exhibit includes microscopes, a DNA packaging board game, cell sorting game and axon transport demonstration. The exhibit has already been enjoyed by thousands of visitors.  

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