Epigenetics: DNA does not account for everything

Babraham Institute scientists Myriam Hemberger, Laura Woods and Christel Krueger joined colleagues from the MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute; the Wellcome Genome Campus; Cancer Research UK and the Gurdon Institute in a panel session to discuss current and future research into Epigenetics. The lively interactive panel discussion was followed by wine, nibbles and a chance to chat informally with researchers.

The lively discussions addressed questions from the sell-out audience such as:

"What is the biggest challenge or problem that is next needed to solve to understand more about DNA?"

"How much does epigenetics count for differences between people?"

"How much of the research into epigenetics is established enough to become part of the curriculum in schools?"

More information about the Babraham Institute's Epigenetics research programme can be found on our web site, in our Annual Research Reports and in our research features

Photographs by Graham CopeKoga © Babraham Institute 2017