Special Projects


The Institute is committed to being open and transparent about its research, engaging people of all ages and backgrounds, listening to and considering their hopes, concerns and aspirations. To do this, the Institute collaborates with partners to develop new opportunities.


Chromos is a collaboration between researchers at the Institute, musician Max Cooper and visual artist Andy Lomas. Get a taste of Chromos with the video on the right.


The ORION project focusses on embedding Responsible Research and Innovation principles (ethics, gender, governance, open access, public engagement and science education) across the organisations involved.


Public Dialogue

In 2014 the Babraham Institute ran a public dialogue project covering key issues such as UK research funding allocation, how animals are used in the Institute’s research programme, which stages of a research project would be of most interest to a lay audience and how the Institute engages with the public.

Public Dialogue

Race Against the Ageing Clock

Although time passes the same for everyone, some of us age more quickly than others. Recently researchers found a way to study the rate of ageing and it's called the epigenetic clock - the timer that measures biological wear and tear as we age. At the Babraham Institute our researchers showed that mice also have an epigenetic clock and they're using this to understand the biology of ageing.


Virus Fighter

The Virus Fighter game teaches people about the science behind viruses, vaccinations and immunity. It is the result of a collaboration between the Babraham Institute, Game Doctor and the Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology and was funded through the ORION project (see above).

The image is of a tilted UK map with a banner of cartoon people of a range of appearances, and large virus shapes dotted around the image. The words Virus Fighter are in the top left corner.