Promoting best practice in animal welfare

The unique environment of the Babraham Research Campus enables the Institute to collaborate with several of the companies on site to provide advice and mentoring on animal research and on developing their applications for Home Office licences.

Promoting best practice in animal welfare.

Animal welfare practices across the Babraham Research Campus are well-regarded by those who use them, including the companies on the campus. The system of ethical review at Babraham ensures high standards of care are co-ordinated for the whole campus, and best practice is adopted wherever it is identified.

​The nature of our collaborative support to campus company scientists ensures the adoption of the most appropriate procedures and refinement techniques, minimising animal use while facilitating essential research, and enables researchers to benefit from independent ethical review of their work. The Institute enjoys an open and proactive relationship with the Home Office, which is responsible for overseeing and ensuring high standards of animal welfare in research in the UK.