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Video gallery: About us and our research

The videos below give a flavour of some of our research, ranging from the true shape of a chromosome, understanding the activities of immune cells (watch those T cells scour the surface of the skin for potential pathogens!) and presenting how this all fits together to achieve our mission of improving health and wellbeing. The majority of these videos have been created to support our engagement activities.

All videos featured on this web site can be found on the Babraham Institute's YouTube channel.


An artistic collaboration between musician and sound producer Max Cooper, respected visual artist Andy Lomas and researchers from the Babraham Institute in Cambridge has produced an emotive new way for anyone to experience the elegance and complexity of DNA organisation.

Keywords: Art/science, nuclear dynamics, DNA

Date: May 2017

Students from Colchester County High School for Girls created this video while at the Royal Society Partnership Grant Conference in London. It explains the project they are working on with scientists from Olivia Casanueva's Group.

Keywords: Schools, Royal Society, C. elegans

Date: April 2017

careers poster


This series of videos features scientists from the Babraham Institute and campus companies at different stages of their career, including the academic career track, those working in industry and in scientific support.

Keywords: Schools, careers, science

Date: December 2016

A visual introduction to the Babraham Institute

Watch this short animation to learn about what we do, who we are and how our world-leading research lays the foundations for improvements in health and wellbeing.

Keywords: Babraham Institute, people, research, impact

Date: October 2016

Elena and Rinako present: MicroRNA-155 controls affinity-based selection by protecting c-MYC+ B cells from apoptosis

This is a video summary presenting new findings published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation about the role of microRNA-155 in the affinity-based selection of B cells. Two of the paper’s authors, Rinako Nakagawa and Elena Vigorito, provide a personally guided tour of their results. The results of this study may extend our understanding of the pathogenesis of lymphomas and open up new therapeutic targets.

News link: A testing time: understanding more about how the ‘best’ B cells are selected

Keywords: Research, immunology, B cells, apoptosis, antibodies, germinal centre, microRNA-155, c-Myc

Date: December 2015

The inner galaxy of your genes

A video by researchers at the Babraham Institute allows a glimpse into the physical interactions occurring in the genome. Reflecting the beauty of a distant galaxy, the video shows a three-dimensional view of the contact points between the 22,000 genes in the mouse genome.

News link: Come here and be quiet!

Keywords: genome, genes, polycomb proteins, nuclear dynamics

Date: November 2015

Weapons of Microscopic Destruction - meet your immune army!

Meet your immune army and find out how the key cells of your immune system work together to keep you fit and healthy. The video also features Institute researchers explaining how discoveries resulting from the Institute’s immunological research have helped advance our understanding of how the immune system works with important applications for healthcare and in an ageing population.

Please note that thanks to a grant from the British Society of Immunology, this video is also available in French, German, Spanish and Arabic.

Our Weapons of Microscopic Destruction website includes more information on the immune system, with games and additional resources.

Keywords: immune system, immune cells, Babraham Institute research

Date: August 2015

T cells on surveillance

The video clip shows memory T cells (green) actively patrolling the skin surface (blue) in case of re-infection with a similar pathogen. Find more videos like this on our Weapons of Microscopic Destruction website, plus games and more information on how the immune system works.

Date: May 2015

How clean are your thumbs?

Watch this timelapse video to see what’s lurking on your fingertips!

Date: May 2015

What a chromosome really looks like

A new method for visualising chromosomes is painting a truer picture of their shape, which is rarely like the X-shaped blob of DNA most of us are familiar with.

News item: ‘X-shape’ not true picture of chromosome structure, new imaging technique reveals

Keywords: chromosome, shape, DNA, folding, genes, nuclear dynamics

Date: September 2013