Research Impact

By studying both human and animal biology, scientists at the Babraham Institute work to advance our understanding of basic cell biology, development and the causes of ageing. Our goal is to understand ageing and its effect on health, wellbeing and the ability to maintain an active lifestyle into old age.

The success of our work depends on forming strong partnerships with other researchers, organisations and the community to ensure that the full potential of our discoveries can be realised as quickly as possible. We are committed to maximising the impacts of our work in all areas of our society by sharing our findings and working closely with other organisations, policy makers, press and the public.

The Impact Team are responsible for facilitating our research impacts through Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation, Public Engagement and Science Communications. The links below can help you find out more about how we work with different groups to increase the impact of Babraham Institute research. If you require specific information or are unsure how we can help you, please contact

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