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Our Public Engagement objectives are primarily to provide a range of activities to enthuse and excite young people about bioscience, to inspire them to consider science careers and nurture scientific talent. Our strategy encompasses students of all ages and abilities – from pre-school to 6th form, pupils with learning difficulties and home-schoolers. We also deliver events targeting families, such as science festivals, and community groups.

Through our activities we aim to transfer enthusiasm for science to the next generation, to stimulate interest in the relevance of science to everyday life and inspire the scientists of tomorrow.

Our key objectives are:

We accomplish this through the Institute’s Knowledge Exchange team and the enthusiastic participation of around 90 scientists, staff and students each year around 40 of whom are STEM Ambassadors, a scheme coordinated nationally by STEMNET and locally by STEMTEAM-Cambridgeshire to inspire children and young people in STEM subjects.

We also work closely with STEMTEAM Cambridgeshire to arrange Nuffield 6th Form research placements – many of these students enter their research projects for CREST Awards.  We have worked with the British Science Association and STEM TEAM Cambridgeshire to accredit our annual Schools’ Day as for a Bronze CREST Award and Boot Camp projects for Silver CREST Awards.

Our activities are delivered with financial support from the Institute, externally assessed grants from BBSRC, learned societies and RCUK National Science Week Awards.

Committed to promoting dialogue, our communication strategy aims to reach a wide range of public audiences, including politicians and the media. We provide a forum for discussion between our researchers and these audiences to discuss our research and communicate the significance of our discoveries to human health and well-being.

As an independent bioscience research organisation we can provide information and advice on a wide range of scientific topics from our expert scientists. The Babraham Institute looks forward to exploring new ways of partnering with its local and regional communities to build stronger and more productive links between science and society.