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Mass Spectrometry

Alongside our internationally-competitive research, the Babraham Institute maintains unique research facilities of national importance. The Mass Spectrometry facility has a range of mass spectrometers which can be used for the analysis of almost any type of biomolecule.

A recent investment of £1.5M by the BBSRC has enabled a significant enhancement of the facility with the purchase of several new mass spectrometers and ancillary equipment, including a Thermo LTQ Orbitrap Velos with ETD, two AB Sciex Qtrap 4000′s, and a Thermo TSQ Quantum Ultra GC-MS.

Currently the work of the facility falls into two major areas, protein and lipid analysis, with dedicated instruments for specific analyses.

Protein Analysis

Mass spectrometers

These instruments are mainly used for the identification, quantitation and detailed structural characterisation of proteins, and can be applied to purified proteins or complex mixtures.

Analyses include for example; identification of the components of protein complexes; identification and localisation of post-translational modifications (phosphorylation, ubiquitylation, glycosylation etc.); and quantitation of changes in the abundance of proteins (or modifications) resulting from specific biological processes.

Lipid Analysis

Mass spectrometers: